Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Mark Giust

Dr. Giust, (pronounced JUST), received his bachelor degree from the University of Cincinnati and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri in January 1985.

He was the head staff Doctor at the Peavy Chiropractic Clinic in Hattiesburg for nine years, after that, he opened Giust Chiropractic Center in Brookhaven, MS in 1995.

Currently, he is the District #6 representative to the Mississippi Chiropractic Association since 2001 and previously held the position of Secretary of the Association from 1994-1999.

Dr. Mark Giust - Chiropractic Care
Dr. Mark Giust

He is a member of the Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi.

As a result, Dr. Giust has been able to help thousands of people in Lincoln and the surrounding counties for over 21 years, giving them HOPE, peace-of-mind and a new sense of empowerment to work better, to socialize with family and friends and to play harder with less pain and discomfort.

You will receive a personalized formula of gentle adjustments to restore better function of your spine. This aims to relieve swelling, muscle spams and nerve irritation. In addition, you will receive a prescription for proper lifting and/or posture correction exercises to rehabilitate the spine when appropriate.

Dr. Giust