Can Chiropractic Help My Headaches?

     According to the World Health Organization, headaches are among the most common disorders of the nervous system affecting an estimated 47% of adults during the past year. Headaches place a significant burden on both quality of life (personal, social, and occupational) and financial health. They are usually misdiagnosed by healthcare practitioners, and in general, are underestimated, under-recognized, and under-treated around the world. So, what about chiropractic and headaches… Does it help?
         Many studies have been done to show the chiropractic care helps headache sufferers. This different types of headaches include: episodic or chronic migraine headaches, cervicogenic headache (headaches caused by neck problems), and tension-type headaches (chronic more than episodic). Chiropractic care adds an additional benefit since it’s combined with massage, mobilization, and/or adding certain types of exercises. Researchers also noted that there are no adverse or negative effects of treatment.
         Chiropractic care can also play a huge role in patients suffering from athletic injuries, particularly post-concussion headache (PC-HA). Approximately 136,000 involve young high school athletes are involved in the estimated 1.6 to 3.8 million sports-related brain injuries occurring each year.
         Along with PC-HA, many patients can suffer with headaches from slips and falls. In a particular study, a six-year-old boy feel from a slide in the playground and suffered with continuous problems for 18 months before seeking chiropractic care. After only three weeks of chiropractic care, his spelling test scores improved from 20% to 80% with even more benefits by the eighth week of care! How amazing!
         There was another case study done on a 16-year-ole male with a five-week-old football injury, which resulted in him having daily headaches and concentration problems. After the second chiropractic visit, he reported significant improvement. He continued to see the doctor for 2 weeks and after his fifth visit, he was nearly healed! He was able to return back to normal activities, like playing football, after seven weeks of care!
         So the answer is, YES. Chiropractic care CAN help you with your headaches, but it’s up to YOU to find out!
         This health update article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Mark Giust of Giust Chiropractic Center in Brookhaven, MS. If you’re in the Brookhaven or surrounding areas, he’d love to be considered for your chiropractic needs.

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