10 Tricks to Manage Low Back Pain

All of us are VERY likely to experience Low Back Pain (LBP) at some point in life. The key is to control IT and not let IT control you! Here are ten “tricks” to keep that goal!
1)   STRETCH: When you’re in one position for a long time (like sitting at your desk), SET your cell phone timer to remind yourself to get moving and stretch every 30-60 minutes! Start off with a morning stretch.
2)   BE SMART: Keep your computer in front of you, not anywhere else! Also, make sure you find a GOOD supportive office chair that is comfortable and a good fit for your body.
3)   POSTURE: Always remember, SIT UP! Doing this will keeping your chin tucked in so the head stays back over the shoulders will help you in the long run.
4)    SHOE WEAR: You may love the heels, but they could be hurting you instead of being the final piece to that outfit. We suggest that you avoid wearing heels greater than one-inch-high (2.54 cm). COMFORTABLE shoes ARE KEY! Generally, the “skinnier” the heel, the worse the support, so “fatten” your heel and conquer the day!
5)    SMOKING:Carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke does NOT help with back pain. Instead, it competes with oxygen at each cell in the body literally suffocating them, which makes the healing process more difficult.
6)    WEIGHT:Your body mass index (BMI) should be between 18.5 and 25. Just search the internet for “BMI Calculator” and plug in your height and weight to figure out yours. Discovering your BMI is a great start to determine your new health goals.
7)    ANTI-INFLAMMATION:Many people purchase over the counter (OTC) medications like ibuprofen and naproxen to deal with their pain. However, recent studies show these types of medications (NSAIDS) may delay the healing process. Try healthier choices like ginger, turmeric, and bioflavonoids, which are commonly bundled together in a supplement. Don’t forget to eat fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, and food right in omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin D, magnesium, and coenzyme Q10 are also smart choices. Everyone’s loves this, but you should AVOID FAST FOOD as they tend to be rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which can promote inflammation.
8)    ICE: This could be included in #7 but deserves its own space. Heat promotes swelling, BUT Ice reduces it. Try rotations of ice every 15-20 minutes for about an hour three times a day to help the swelling disappear!
9)    STAY ACTIVE: Move your body! Something as simple as walking is considered physical activity. Balance that out with rest and you’ll soon notice a difference!
10)STRENGTHEN: Core stabilizing exercises (sit-ups, planks, quadruped) and BALANCE exercises are VERY important! Include those in your weekly exercises!
This low back pain article was reviewed and approved by Dr. Mark Giust of Giust Chiropractic Center in Brookhaven, MS. If you’re in the Brookhaven or surrounding areas, he’d love to be considered for your chiropractic needs.

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