Shoulder Pain FAQs

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Brookhaven Chiropractor Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Shoulder Pain

Understanding the pain in your shoulder requires asking several questions about its causes, its treatments, and its symptoms. In this way, you can get the best chiropractic care for this severe and often debilitating condition.

What causes shoulder pain?

Damage to the various elements of your shoulder typically causes pain in the shoulder. For example, injuries to the upper arm bone caused by working out too hard can cause severe pain symptoms. You can also damage your collarbone and shoulder blade and the various tendons and ligaments holding them together. Even tense muscles in your shoulders can cause mild to moderate pain.

Why does this pain affect a shoulder’s range of motion?

The pain caused by these issues typically make it more difficult to move your shoulder. As a result, your range of motion will suffer. Unfortunately, this means you may not have the range of motion available to play sports or lift your arm to pick something up. Often, the underlying causes of your pain will affect your motion, such as a damaged rotator cuff.

What kind of treatments are available?

Treatments for this type of pain vary depending on the damage severity. For example, chiropractic processes can be a useful way to improve your arm’s motion. It can also relax the muscles and nerves causing pain. However, painkillers may also be necessary for some conditions. In severe situations, surgery may be required to repair shoulder damage. Most of the time, minor to moderate pain in the shoulder can be managed with chiropractic care.

Is it possible to prevent this pain?

Avoid straining your shoulders too much while working out or exercising. For example, keep heavy weights off of your shoulders and try to sit and stand with good posture. Doing so will keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid serious tension. You should also keep your neck straight while sleeping or lying down to prevent this pain.

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