Nutritional Counseling and How It Works

nutritional counseling from our chiropractor in brookhaven

Nutritional Counseling and How it Works

Dr. Mark Giust and the entire team at Giust Chiropractic Center are proponents of an overall health strategy and believe that maintaining a healthy weight is one part of a healthy and vibrant life.  Extra weight, even 10 pounds can cause added stress and strain on the back and spine. When you are seeking a vibrant and healthy lifestyle maintaining the appropriate weight for your frame is essential. Nutritional Counseling can help you to meet your optimum weight without dangerous drugs or crash diets.

Nutritional Counseling 101

Proper nutrition is not a short-term project or “diet”, but a lifestyle approach that will serve you well throughout your life. Our team is available to work with you to create a healthy meal plan that will meet all of your nutritional needs in a healthy manner with a strong reliance on leafy vegetables and whole foods. Our staff will guide you through your Nutritional Counseling and help you to craft an eating practice that is delicious and nutritious and one that you will stick with!

In addition to a proper diet, we recommend an increased activity level that includes daily exercise. Regular activity helps to increase metabolism and promotes healthy digestion. If you want to lose weight it is essential that you burn more calories than you consume. Our team can create a plan for you that meets this requirement and due to the personalized nature of this strategy, it will be tailor-made to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.

Crash diets seldom work to instill permanent changes in one’s health, and diet pills are just not healthy. Nutritional counseling is effective, healthy, and provides changes that you can maintain.

Giust Chiropractic Center is Your Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle Partner!

Please give our office a call today at (601) 833-8100 to schedule your nutritional consultation. Our office is conveniently located at 880 Brookway Boulevard in Brookhaven.

Have you been successful in creating a well-balanced diet and lifestyle? We’d love to hear about the strategies that were successful for you in the comments. 


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